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Flora & Fauna
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Flora & Fauna.

Among its marine fauna are one of the most important cetacean colonies in the world: the pilot whale, dolphins and other aquatic mammal species.

The punctual presence of a community of willows is outstanding, as well as the dragos community and as one climbs, the pines and other species.

Protected Natural Spaces

Canyon of Hell (Barranco del Infierno) Special Natural Reserve

The Massif of Adeje and the Barranco del Infierno Natural Park, are areas of geomorphologic, fauna and botanical interest. The spectacular waterfall from which the waters of the birthing place of Roque Abinque are fed, the hanging dragos of the crags, or the hygrophilous vegetation, are only some of the many points of interest.

Monument of the King’s Cauldron (Caldera del Rey)

The Caldera del Rey, close to the settlement of Las Américas, is not free of destructive effects. However, it is a protected area that is a mar (a type of volcanic edifice produced by freatomagmatic activity), where a microclimate exists.

The Isorana Cliffs

Canyon of Erques , shared with Guía de Isora

Teide National Park

Comprises the municipalities of Orotava, Los Realejos, San Juan de la Rambla, La Guancha, Icod, Garachico, Santiago del Teide, Guía de Isora, Granadilla, Vilaflor and Fasnia.

La Caleta Scientific Interest Place

The Cliffs of Isorana with Guía de Isora Scientific Interest Place

Protected landscape of Ifonche with Vilaflor


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