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Among the local celebrations, the most outstanding are those of San Sebastián on the 20th of January, Our Lady of Encarnación and Saint Ursula on the second Sunday of October, in which tradition is enjoyed in their Fiestas de Arte.

Calendar of Popular Festivities in Adeje
January 20 Saint Sebastian
Holy week The Passion of Christ is represented. Adeje
Third week in April Book Fair
May13th Our Lady of Fátima. Los Menores
Third week-end in May Craftsmanship Fair
June Corpus Christi . Carpets
First week in june Our Lady of the Snow. The Snow
Last week in June Our Lady of Coromoto. Taucho
First week in July Our Lady of Carmen. Tijoco
Second week in July Our Lady of Carmen. Los Olivos
Last week in July Our Lady of Candelaria. Armeñime
Second week in August Our Lady of Carmen. La Caleta
Second week in September Virgin of the Fields. Fañabé
Second / Third October Our Lady of Encarnación and Saint Ursula.

Cultural interest centres

The Villa of Adeje has an urban area of great historical value that deserves a visit.

Sacro Art Museum

The Sacro Art Museum exhibits an important collection of religious pieces of the peninsular area. From the XIV to the XIX century, this collection and that of the Gobeline tapestries together with the building itself are one of the great cultural attractions of this municipality. The tapestry collection is from the French workshops and dates back to the last third of the XVII century.

Strong house (Casa Fuerte)

For more than three centuries it was the political, economic and social centre of the Villa of Adeje under the seigniorage of the Ponte family.

From the XVI to the XIX century, the Casa Fuerte maintained its original aspect, a luxurious and magnificent edifice, an impressive fortress, until April 9th, 1902, when a devastating fire broke out and destroyed most of the construction, ruining at the same time the Guildhall of the Villa of Adeje.

Fortunately, the famous archives of the Casa Fuerte were saved, moving most of them to the Canary Museum in Las Palmas, as well as the furniture and the works of art that decorated the rooms, which were taken to the new residence of the marquees of Madrid around the middle of the XIX century.

Historical Archives of the Villa of Adeje

Applying the latest technologies in document treatment, digitalising the documents that the user can directly have access to by computer, is how the archive offers its services. It is open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13 and from 17 to 19 hours.

Open to the public since may 22 of 1999, the archives are made up by the Document Fund of La Casa Fuerte (which gathers all the documents generated by the administration and management of the marquee of Adeje, the County of Gomera, the del Hierro Seigniorage and the entailed estate of Ampudia and Cea, from the XVI to the XIX century) and the Historical Fund of the Municipal Archives, that gathers the documentation procured since the creation of the first constitutional guildhalls at the beginning of the XIX century, up to 1970.

Phone. 922 711 509

El Granero Museum

A two story building of rural architecture, it was built in two stages, the first in 1698 and the second in 1713. It belonged to the Feo family of San Miguel. It has undergone several renovations, first it was a cereal barn, then the home of a shoemaker and his workshop, town sales market, place of celebrations, dances and parties, and a stable.

Today it has become an exhibit room and crafts workshop, managed by the Guildhall of Adeje.

Phone 922 756 200

Saint Ursula’s Church

This is a visit you must not miss, the parochial church of Saint Ursula, with two halls, featuring Gobeline tapesties of the second epoch, considered unique in the devotional patrimony of the Canary Islands and the image of Saint Ursula, of the German school, it conserves the oldest facsimile of the Virgin of Candelaria, and a Saint John of mountain manufacture among other important works.

Municipal Auditorium
Phone. 922 756 246 / 922 756 200

Cultural information office: Culture Councillorship of the Guildhall of the Villa of Adeje.
Phone. 922 756 241

Popular University of Adeje.
Phone. 922 756 241 / 922 756 246

Summer University of Adeje (July).
Phone. 922 756 246

Tourism Office
Phone. 922 756 230

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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