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Adeje, is an eminent tourist destination, boasting a landscape of great beauty, including a small waterfall just outside the village with a permanent water flow. Its coastal expanse engulfs the larger area of Las Américas, Playa del Duque and other up-and-coming areas of the Costa Adeje tourist zone where some of the best southern beaches are to be found.

In recent years, its coastal area, now known as Costa Adeje (since 1999), has developed a high quality hotel and leisure infrastructure, where the tourist complexes and attractions have endowed the area with all it needs to maintain its great beauty.

Other areas of considerable traveler interest are: Cayo Salvaje and Paraíso Beach where scuba-diving and fishing are much sort after pastimes for visitors and locals alike.

Various rocky bays and outcroppings stand out such as El Conde, Abinque and Imoque and others higher in the valleys above the village such as El Infierno (hell hole) are to name but a few. Trekking above Adeje is a great favorite for those who enjoy this activity and the views are marvelous.

Adeje’s economy still comprises of various agricultural activities such as; cereals, grapes, olives, bananas and goat raising. Nevertheless, the town and local government currently commandeer one of Europe’s newest and most successful tourist destinations born just under 30 years ago but today rivaling the worlds #1 destinations.

Its climate guarantees sunshine all year round and the ever changing face of Adeje guarantees continuous yearly updates to the scenery each year that one returns.


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